My research interests are grounded in my professional experience of digital literacy and digital inclusion projects design and delivery.


Prior to beginning my PhD research in 2016, I have managed community-centred and digital literacy initiatives around Scotland, and beyond. Since 2010, I have been designing and delivering participatory digital and media literacy projects across the United Kingdom. Through the use of creative technologies (mainly accessible and affordable forms of transmedia storytelling tools), I shaped community initiatives where participants were encouraged to develop local narratives, explore their online and offline identities or/and voice social issues with the use of digital technologies.


Over the years, I have created and managed digital knowledge-sharing platforms for organisations such as Fife Cultural Trust, UN-FAO or the Institute of Local Television. Examples of my projects include pop-up spaces where citizen’s relationship with the digital world can be discussed, digital awareness clubs for young people or participatory sessions on human rights in the digital age. In 2015, I founded ‘Digital Beez’, a non-for profit digital literacy collective based in Scotland. My ambition was to address the local gap in the area of cross-disciplinary collaborations between digital technology and digital inclusion and to create a holistic and ethical approach to digital literacy training. 



My experience of managing Digital Beez provided me with an experience of designing digital literacy and digital inclusion workshops methodologies and learning materials. Examples of projects that I coordinated include the essential digital skills training delivery for migrant communities in Fife (Fife Migrants Forum), digital literacy workshops with young people from the traveller’s community (Scottish Travelers Education Programme at Edinburgh University), digital storytelling training sessions with LGBT Youth Scotland, community conversation sessions focusing on digital awareness; and digital participation training sessions for European youth workers (Erasmus +). The responsive and adaptable nature of ‘Digital Beez’ methodologies, allowed me to test and embrace emerging pedagogies in a digital learning context.








Both in my research and digital inclusion community practice, I am keen to stay proactively engaged with the latest developments in the field. I continue to dedicate time to public engagement and contribute my knowledge to various digital inclusion expert groups in the United Kingdom and Europe. I am an active member of the Scottish Digital Youth Work Network, which works closely with the Scottish policymakers and European experts on digital inclusion. In 2018, I contributed to the work of the youth digital governance initiatives at the European Council. In 2019, I facilitated a workshop at Scotland’s first unconference dedicated to misinformation (Hack/Hackers Scotland). In May 2019, I organised an unconference to share the results of my research with the digital inclusion community and policymakers in Scotland. 

Examples of Digital Literacy Training and Inclusion Projects


  • Digital Youth Work Data Literacy and Disinformation e-seminar (video link) for Youth Link Scotland (2020)

  • Youth Digital Literacy course design and delivery for the Articulate Cultural Trust (2020)

  • Youth Digital Literacy and Digital Human Rights workshop design and facilitation for My Voices, My Hearings (2020)

  • ESRC Methods North West workshop, "Data Artivism: Crafting Online Citizenship" (2020)

  • Seminar Storifying the digital divide: what can the 1970's community video teach us about the inequalities in the digital age?" at North East of North (NEoN) Scotland's only International Digital Arts Festival

  • Workshop "#DIGI_impact >> Digital Youth Work Evaluation" at Youth Work in the Digital Age: What's next? International Conference (2019)

  • Disinformation Role Play Workshop at MisinfoCon X Scotland (2019)

  • Workshop: Social Media & the Digital Rights of Young People // 5Rights + Digital Self-Care (2018)

  • Digital Practitioner at the Scottish Traveller Education Programme(Edinburgh Univeristy, 2015)

  • Digital Literacy and Storytelling Workshop at LQGTQ Youth Scotland (2015)

  • Digital Youth Inclusion workshop at Erasmus + funded course "Leaders in minority organisations. Improving organizational standards of Polish diaspora organizations working on activation of youth"

  • Digital Youth Participation Workshop at the Centre for Research on Children and Families at the University of Edinburgh (2015)

  • Digital Skills Co-ordinator at Fife Migrants Forum ( 2014 - 2015)

  • Course Tutor 'Using digital media in research with children and young people' | Centre for Research on Families and Relationships (2015)

  • Digital Media Youth Arts Hub Co-Ordinator at Fife Cultural Trust ( 2014 -  present)

  • Digital Community Manager at Maverick Television ( Living it UpWestern Isles, 2013 - 2014)

  • Practice Teacher at the University of West Scotland ( Digital Commonwealth Games, 2013)

  • Project and Training Co-ordinator at the Institute of Local Television ( Summerhall TV, 2012 -2013)

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