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Keynote: Digital Youth Work Conference, Scotland 2023

#DigitalYouthWork has been dealing with an identity crisis for a while now.

The practice continues to search for its meaning and recognition. While we know that its value & social impact are enormous. Still, there seem to be some anxieties around the 'toxic positivity' narratives in the field (e.g., "we all need to become digitally empowered"). It is important we take a realistic & critical look at the limitations of digital youth work.

I'm honoured to be invited to deliver a keynote speech at next year's Digital Youth Work Conference organised by YouthLink Scotland (covering the topic of the limitations of digital youth work and #digitalinclusion).

I lived in #Scotland for 15 years and it is a place that taught me all about democratic education, the importance of meaningful participation, and ethical tech. Can't wait to meet with the local and international youth workers and researchers community in Dundee next year!

To find out more about the conference visit:

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