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Dr Alicja Pawluczuk (aka HYSTERA)


is a multidisciplinary researcher and artivist whose practice intertwines the realms of art, education, and academia. With an extensive background in digital inequalities and participatory digital justice education programs, she merges her expertise to create people-centred, thought-provoking, and innovative works.

Having dedicated over a decade to co-designing, facilitating, and evaluating international projects, Alicja has an in-depth understanding of of digital inclusion research and its practical implementation. Her passion lies in exploring the intersections between community engagement, [participatory] art, and research.

Dr Pawluczuk's professional experience encompasses high-level collaborations with renowned institutions such as the United Nations University, ITU, EQUALS-EU, and the Council of Europe. Simultaneously, she actively engages in community-led initiatives, organizing digital literacy workshops and advocating for digital rights. Her portfolio showcases a range of accomplishments, including peer-reviewed publications and cross-disciplinary public engagement activities.

Her artistic practice explores the interplay between research and creative expression for social change. By embracing a democratic, participatory, and experimental approach, she aims to create spaces, communities, and artworks that challenge conventional boundaries and spark meaningful conversations. She fearlessly addresses pertinent issues, from digital inclusion, and digital health gap to invisible disability and menstrual justice.

Dr Pawluczuk has founded a digital literacy collective known as Digital Beez. Through this platform, she extends her impact, empowering individuals to navigate the digital landscape effectively and meaningfully.

Alicja's journey spans different geographies, having been born in Poland and educated in diverse cultural contexts, including Scotland. Currently, she resides in Berlin, where she continues to explore the intersection of research and art as an artist in residence at Culterim Gallery. Her art and research have received critical acclaim, with features in publications such as KALTBLUT, Konibi Arts, and Wysokie Obcasy. Through her interdisciplinary practice, she is keen to illuminate the transformative potential of art and research, inviting viewers to explore the complexities of our digital society and the possibilities for inclusive futures.

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