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9-5? No thanks. ( How I discovered SBS)

Working in the creative industries provided me with loads of great opportunities to discover

my personal work style. Over the years, I've collaborated with some very passionate and talented people, whose energy affected my perception of work as an exciting adventure.

Most of the time, I really enjoyed my jobs. I worked in unique environments, where ideas would often magically materialise. The fact, that I was also able to meet fascinating people, co-create their stories and leave some kind of legacy, made me feel happy and proud. I would often immerse myself into the project, forgetting about this whole work-life-balance philosophy. If you love what you do, you don't really need to rest, or do you?

[ YES, I know you do]

I come from a hard-working family, where being bored was simply not acceptable - as there is ALWAYS something that needs to get done. Apparently, only boring people get bored, so there you go.

Also, considering the perception of Polish work ethics, here in Great Britain, you might think that I am not really that unique. Yes, most of the Polish people do work hard, but we also contribute our creative energy and lovely souls to the local ecosystem.

Going back to my working schedule. To be honest, I don't think I have one. Having experienced so many different and dynamic work environments, taught me to manage my workloads independently. Additionally, working as a freelance digital practitioner, allowed me to master my multitasking skills - I found out that managing 10 projects simultaneously can really be an eye-opening experience.

I believe that having this creative autonomy, was one of the key factors, why I managed to complete 99.9% of my initiatives successfully and on time.

Being able to navigate through my workload, without any official work schedules, made all of these creative goals achievable.

Recently I have been considering switching to 9-5 routine, thinking this could be something that aids my research. I thought I would give the office lifestyle a go for a day or two, to see if I can take the full advantage of my desk and free printing facilities (!).

To cut the long story short - I failed [and I failed on the first day!]. Office environment has got a specific lighting and a set of buzzing sounds, which somehow make my head spin. Disappointed with my lack of discipline, I decided to google my 9-5 withdrawn symptoms and here is what I discovered:

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