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Best Poster Presentation at the Digital Human: Humanities and Social Sciences in the Digital Age

The Digital Human Conference at the University of Strathclyde explored the challenges and potentials of interdisciplinary digital research.[ I am happy to report that my research project was selected as the best poster presentation at the event ].

It was a fantastic opportunity to share my project idea with researchers from all over the country. Also, learning about others work and their challenges, was a great to chance to reflect on my research hopes and aspirations. The event was organised be a group of students from the University of Strathclyde and took place at the recently opened Technology & Innovation Centre. Below, I'm discussing some of the things I learned from participating the Digital Human conference

Fresh Perspective

Being immersed into my literature review over the last four months, has definitely had a big impact on how I communicate with the world. I am more receptive to information that could be linked to my project. It's like 'wearing your PhD hat' 24/7. My project has become the centre of my world and at times, it quite difficult not to allow it to interfere with my everyday life.

The Digital Human conference, allowed me to do just that. I took a break from being inside my bubble and reflect on others work. The presentations at the event varied from Health and Wellbeing to Justice and Citizenship. The diversity of ideas and approaches was fascinating. The obvious fact that 'the digital' is now interconnected with so many areas of our life was presented by researchers in the fields of social justice, mental health, education and music, and many more. This allowed me to reflect on my work and view it from a new angle. Thanks to the event, I'm returning to my literature inspired and refreshed.

Understanding Interdisciplinarity

The notion of Interdisciplinarity was discussed by Professor Robin Mansell from London School of Economics . During her keynote presentation, Algorithms: Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Challanges , Professor Mansell highlighted the significance of interdisciplinarity in research. She described it as 'building bridges' between different areas of disciplines and contexts. Quoting Feenbeg, she added that 'technology is always radically incomplete', suggesting that it is our role as researchers to contribute to the bigger picture of interdisciplinary research. This presentation helped me not only to understand the interdisciplinary processes, but also consider my area of research in a different dimension.

What bridges am I trying to build ?

For whom ?

And why ?

Poster Presentations are fun!

This was my first opportunity to present my project in a form of a poster. I won't deny - designing colourful graphics (also for this blog) brings me loads of joy. However, I did not realise the actual process of presenting my poster could be so useful. In a way, my poster represented me ideal journey for the next three years - let's call it 'my PhD map'. My PhD map allowed me to take my visitors on the journey. I could tell them the story of research and my plans for the next stages.

Sharing my research idea on a one-to-one basis (with multiple individuals), helped me consider some of the possible confusions, when it comes to my work. Although my project was selected as the Best Presentation at the event, I still think there is quite a lot of room for improvement in the way I share my concept. That's not to say, that I didn't appreciate the positive feedback from the conference panel :)

Overall, The Digital Human Conference at the University of Strathclyde was a fantastic event - inspiring and informative. Perfect opportunity to meet researchers from all over Scotland and discuss our research over a lovely dinner, which followed the event.

I look forward to meeting some of you soon and good luck with your research.

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