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"Data Artivism: Crafting Online Citizenship" - looking forward to running @ESRC workshop o

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

My recent "Data ART:ivism - Crafting Online Citizenship" workshop proposal submitted with Me and My Big Data team has been successful. This is extremely exciting as it will allow me to connect my current research on data literacy with my PhD interests in digital youth and my passion for community work.This workshop is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and will take place in Liverpool as a part of the Festival of Science

Data ART:ivism - Crafting Online Citizenship workshop will provide participants with an interactive and hands-on arts and crafts session, where their understanding of data will be explored. The aim of the session is to examine online citizenship and data understanding and to critically examine how people’s data is shared and used on social media. During the 2h session, workshop participants will have a chance to (1) study social media’s ‘Terms and Conditions’ s; (2) reflect on their social media data and online sharing practices, and create their data artivism pieces (using available arts and crafts material such as strings of different colours, recycled toys, pre-printed social media symbols etc.).

According to Doteveryon (2018) only 30% of citizens in the UK are aware of the breadth and depth of their data use. The topic of “data literacy” was chosen due to address this skills gap. Crafting Online Citizenship: Data ART:ivism is part of a larger national data literacy research project “Me and My Big Data” at the University of Liverpool. This project addresses the fact that many UK citizens lack a robust understanding of the data they are sharing with digital platforms and the uses to which this is put (OFCOM, 2017, 2018).

This workshop will tailored to the social media interests of young people aged 16 years and over. Information about the event will be distributed in a visual and engaging format (e.g. gifs and short videos) and circulated with Liverpool based youth work organisations. During the Crafting Online Citizenship: Data ART:ivism we aim to integrate young people’s personal interest and peer relationship. Information about the event will be distributed in a visual and enegagenging format (e.g. gifs and short videos).

Crafting Online Citizenship: Data ART:ivism data sculpture activity will be based on a real world information about UK’s social media users. In an interactive way, young participants will be provided with an opportunity to learn about how young people’s social media culture is reflected in the national statistic and create their creative response. The activity will be participatory and accessible, ensuring that all learning abilities and requirements are met. Most importantly however, young people will be able to create their sculptures, which will be kept after the workshop. To ensure the learning young people with be provided with a take-away pack with data literacy education (including a poster and a booklet). Crafting Online Citizenship: Data ART:ivism workshop will be facilitated in line with the University of Liverpool ethical ethical code of practice.

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Dr Alicja Pawluczuk

Alicja’s research, art and community education practice focuses on digital inclusion and education, gender digital divide and feminism. She is a founding director of the digital inclusion and digital storytelling collective Digital Beez. Through the use of participatory, critical and multidisciplinary approaches, she aims to examine the power dynamics associated with the digital and data divides.

Alicja’s digital inclusion practice is rooted in the areas of democratic education and community development. She has extensive experience in digital inclusion community projects design, facilitation, and evaluation. Both her community engagement practice and her research are characterised by the use of experimental and interactive methodologies. Over the last 10 years, her work has been responding and changing in accordance with the contexts of digitalization of society. Alicja has a track record of peer-reviewed publications and cross-disciplinary public engagement activities. Both her research and practice are characterised with the use of experimental and creative methods. She has managed and contributed to digital literacy and digital inclusion and learning projects with the United Nations, the Council of Europe, and Erasmus.

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