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#CIES2022 talk in Minneapolis - digital inequalities and the effects on youth and digital literacy

What do we know about digital inequalities and their effects on youth? I've been invited to participate in a panel session (called provocation) at The Comparative & International Education Society Conference in Minneapolis The session, "Moving beyond the digital divide: Understanding digital inequalities and the effects on youth and digital literacy", will take place on the 20th of April.

This session is jointly organized between CIES and the EU Horizon 2020 project DigiGen. DigiGen aims to understand the effects of digital technology on the everyday lives of children and young people. This session helps to further this aim by contributing to our understanding of digital inequalities, focusing on the “I” (International) in CIES. By bringing a group of international scholars together we hope to develop a dialogue between these scholars and the CIES audience in contributing to addressing the challenges of digital inequality.

What will I talk about? [spoiler alert: digital youth work]

Abstract: The pandemic-induced accelerated use of digital technology has brought about significant changes to the European youth work. Through digital youth work – a practice of informal education where digital technologies are used or/and analysed – many youth workers have taken crucial roles of moderators between young people, society, digital technologies – and the COVID-19 reality. How has the pandemic affected youth work and non-formal education in Europe? What have we learnt about existing and emerging forms of digital inequalities in the youth field? Moving forward, how can we ensure the sustainable and inclusive digital transformation of the European youth sector? This talk aims to explore these questions.

Other members of the panel include:

  • Dr Halla B. Holmarsdottir is a Professor and former Vice-Dean of Research at the Faculty of Education and International Studies, Oslo Metropolitan University,

  • Dr Ellen Helsper is Professor of Socio-Digital Inequalities in the Media and Communications Department at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

  • Dr Tutaleni I. Asino is an experienced researcher, educator, and designer with a passion for finding innovative ways to use technology for learning, teaching, and organisational performances. He is an Associate Professor in Educational Technology and Director of the Emerging Technology and Creativity Research Lab in the School of Educational Foundations, Leadership and Aviation at the Oklahoma State University’s College of Education and Human Sciences.

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