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[new publication] Data Citizenship Framework: in the ITU's Digital Skills Insights 2020

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

data literacy through data thinking, data doing and data participation" has been published in the 2020 issue of Digital Skills Insights. This article was co-authored with the members of the Me and My Big Data Project: Prof. Simeon J. Yates, Dr. Elinor Carmi, Dr. Eleanor Lockley, and Prof. Bridgette Wessels.

The 2020 issue of Dineededgital Skills Insights features eight fascianting articles exploring different aspects of capacity development and skills requirements in the digital era. These include the types of skills needed in the digital economy and future labour market, new jobs and associated skills requirements, specific digital technologies and their impact on skills development, new skills required to manage data and information generated online, as well as a set of articles that explore the topic of gender and digital skills.

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