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Join me & the UN University to Twitter Chat to celebrate Youth Digital Engagement for Global Action

Date:                      Wednesday, August 12, 2020 Time:                     10.00 – 10.30 GMT Venue:                   UNU Macau’s Twitter page (@UNUMACAU) RSVP:          

In an ever-changing digital world, technology has become a powerful tool to mobilise change and drive global progress, particularly among youth who are often considered digital natives. But with the uncertainty and restrictions of COVID-19, how can we ensure that we engage youth in a sustainable way in the post-pandemic era? We look forward to hearing your thoughts on how we can use technology to engage youth to achieve global action and the Sustainable Development Goals!

Our chat will be moderated by Youth Digital Engagement Expert, Dr Alicja Pawluczuk, UNU Macau’s Young ICTD Fellow. This is a great opportunity to connect with individuals and organizations around the world interested in the topic of youth digital engagement.

How to join the Twitter Chat  1. To participate, head over to UNU Macau’s Twitter feed (@UNUMACAU) on August 12 at 10am Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 2. Or search on Twitter using the hashtag combination (#Tech4Youth #YouthDay) to follow the conversation 3. Questions will be identified as Q1, Q2, etc. To respond, please tap the reply icon 🗨️ from a Tweet you would like to respond to. Responses from participants should be written as A1, A2, etc. We also encourage you to use the hashtag combination (#Tech4Youth #YouthDay).

What we will discuss? The questions for the Twitter Chat include:

  1. In what ways can we use technology to engage youth to achieve global action and the Sustainable Development Goals?

  2. What are some of the inspiring youth digital projects for global action that you have heard of?

  3. How have you used digital technologies to tackle problems and drive youth digital projects forward during COVID-19?

  4. What is needed to engage youth through technologies in a sustainable way post-COVID19?

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