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🆕 report: #DigitalTransformation in the youth field: what does it actually mean?

#DigitalTransformation in the youth field: what does it actually mean? I've recently authored a report (coordinated by SALTO Youth, Kadri Maripuu & Henrique Gonçalves) exploring how/if #DigitalTransformation is present in the EU Youth Programmes. You can read our new report here.

What is needed moving forward? Below is a quick summary of our 5 findings. Huge thanks to anyone who contributed their time & expertise to this study.

1. Strategic understanding of #DigitalTransformation: it is necessary to clarify why digital transformation is important and how it can benefit the projects.

2. An evidence-based approach to #DigitalTransformation We need up-to-date information on trends and analysis of how digital transformation is affecting the youth sector and young people’s lives, alongside how one may support and analyse young people’s learning experiences.

3. Funding, impact, and quality criteria should serve principally to inform and support potential projects’ design, rather than restrict it.

4. Provision of resources: Tools, approaches, and examples of good practices are a fundamental element for forming a solid understanding of what a digitally transformative project might look like.

5. Capacity-building and new forms of support for the National Agencies’ programme officers. Training in digital competencies, but there is an urgent need to develop a more holistic, critically oriented understanding and an agile mindset re. #DigitalTransformation

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