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🆕 what's missing? #DigitalTransformation resources in the youth sector.

🆕 report publication ---> we mapped out #digitaltrasnformation youth-related resources to see what we've got & what's missing. Link:

🤔 What are the most significant gaps? And, why does it matter?

Resources to support young people to become co-creators of digital policies, and emerging & sustainable/climate-friendly technologies seem to be largely missing. There is a need for practical resources (e.g., tools, inspiring practice) on how to approach the topics of AI and algorithms. Such resources might include toolkits or lesson plans focusing on AI and robotics. Topics such as Smart Cities and Communities and NextGen Internet (5G etc.) are essential elements of digital transformation too.

Now, one of the things that I'd that I've not mentioned in the report is the fact that creating resources is important BUT it is not the only way for us to move forward. We need to think about how these resources are going to be used and if we should really expect non-formal educators/youth workers to do most of the work?

As I argued in my recent EU-Council of Europe Youth Partnership paper on the limits of digital youth work, (Link:, it is essential to think about new interdisciplinary ways of non-formal/formal education design and delivery. The field needs new ways of support (e.g., access to a pool of experts in ethical digital tech design who could contribute to the sector in a meaningful manner).

Anyway, I hope this report provides some useful links to existing resources. Bear in mind that these were collected in 2021, so the state of the art might be totally different at present (it is also not meant to be a scientific study). Still, you can keep your eye on the SALTO PI Resource Pool here:

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