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Survey Invitation: Digital youth work and COVID19: what's next?

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Has #COVID19 affected your work? What support is necessary to sustain digital youth work beyond the pandemic? Dr Alicja Pawluczuk from the United Nations University Institute would like to hear all about your digital youth work's ups and downs  - please share your views in this 5-min survey: www.research.net/r/digitalyouthworkers. Your anonymous participation will help to understand COVID19's impact on digital youth work and create some recommendations for future practice. The results of this study will be published (and free for you to use in your work) at the end of 2020. Please help us to get rich insights into the international world of digital youth work by sharing this survey with your networks. The survey is open until the end of September. For any inquiries please contact Dr Alicja Pawluczuk  (www.alicjapawluczuk.com) at pawluczuk@unu.edu. Stay safe and well, and thank you for your ongoing commitment to supporting young people.

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Dr Alicja Pawluczuk

Alicja’s research, art and community education practice focuses on digital inclusion and education, gender digital divide and feminism. She is a founding director of the digital inclusion and digital storytelling collective Digital Beez. Through the use of participatory, critical and multidisciplinary approaches, she aims to examine the power dynamics associated with the digital and data divides.

Alicja’s digital inclusion practice is rooted in the areas of democratic education and community development. She has extensive experience in digital inclusion community projects design, facilitation, and evaluation. Both her community engagement practice and her research are characterised by the use of experimental and interactive methodologies. Over the last 10 years, her work has been responding and changing in accordance with the contexts of digitalization of society. Alicja has a track record of peer-reviewed publications and cross-disciplinary public engagement activities. Both her research and practice are characterised with the use of experimental and creative methods. She has managed and contributed to digital literacy and digital inclusion and learning projects with the United Nations, the Council of Europe, and Erasmus.

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