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PhD Adventures Podcast coming soon!

Do you know that feeling when someone tells you a great story, so you decide to 'recycle' it at the next available occasion? I guess it's not something to be proud of, but I do it ALL the time. Recently, I've heard loads of interesting stories about holistic ways to manage and enjoy your life as a PhD student. I've decided to share these fascinating insights with the world via "PhD Adventures Podcast".

I only am at the beginning of my PhD journey, but I've already experienced some ups and downs. Searching for interesting and helpful blogs, videos and articles covering the topic of "doing research" and "staying sane while doing research", has in a way, become my new habit (and a perfect distraction from my literature review). The online world is full of wonderful and diverse #PhDchat. I came across some fascinating insights on people's personal reflections of academia, learning styles and time management.

This new habit of mine, provided me with tons of "useful tips" and information. Loads of which is sometimes confusing or full of contradictions. What I've learnt from my online and offline PhD lifestyle research, is that there is no single approach to every student's work.

There is no magic wand which could turn a research experience into perfect and structured one. Each PhD adventure is unique.

We are all unique.

In my PhD Adventures Podcast, I would like to celebrate this diversity and uniqueness.

I won't be trying to come up with a perfectly organised plan for your PhD. Instead, I would like to represent multiple points of view, from current ex PhD students. My intention is to document the uniqueness of people's experiences, their stories and the knowledge, they are willing to share with other aspiring academics.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have already realised that I'm a big fan of The School of Life and Brain Pickings. I would like to explore some of their work in my PhD Adventures Podcast. I will be mainly focusing on the aspects of well-being ( mental and physical) of a PhD student. I'm interested in how people perceive their PhD adventures and the tools they use to mange it.

Finally, I would like to hear from YOU, about 'PhD-related things', you'd like me to cover in the podcast. Click HERE to submit your ideas.

I have done my first "ideas session" with my colleagues from the Centre for Social Informatics at Edinburgh Napier University. They provided me with some great ideas for interviews (photos below).

Have you got any ideas or suggestions? Is there anyone you'd like me to include in the Podcast? Please get in touch here.

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